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We have forage seed, alfalfa, pasture, cover crop, summer forages, wildflower, cover for forage and wildlife and others. Varieties to meet your climate for the best performance.

Knowledge is our difference to help you make profitable decisions.


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Our territory covers the Sacramento Valley into the Delta, the foothills, the intermountain area (Susanville to Surprise Valley) and mountain valleys. We are here to help you make a profit using the products and services we represent.

Consulting provided for livestock production on pastures (irrigated or rangeland), ID forages, plan fencing, fertilizer needs, weed control, reduction of invasive species. Other as needed.

Long-lasting black insulators. Portable fencing materials. Permanent smooth high-tensile wire. Can also help with design and building guides.

Electric fencing materials of high quality.

Agriculture consulting.

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Knowledgeable no-till seeding​ using no-till drills.


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We can build to your needs or supply quality brands of no-till drills. New and used and can take on consignment or overhaul used drills for you. More than 30 years' experience with no-till use in California.

Seeds of high quality, purity and germination.


Agronomist, Consultant

W.L. "Bill" Kellogg

Ph: 530/624-3045

Fax: 530/877-3366​